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Marinades or Rubs?

Marinades or Rubs?

Posted on May 20 2020, By: Ben Farley

Marinades or Rubs?

Marinades V’s Rubs, what is the difference?


A marinade is always a liquid, and usually consists of herbs and spices. The marinade will either be acidic; using such things as vinegar, citrus or alcohol, or enzymatic; using such things as pineapple, papaya or kiwifruit.  A marinade has two purposes; the first is to infuse the meat with delicious flavour, while the second purpose of marinade is to tenderize the meat.


Unlike a marinade, rubs only have one purpose: to give flavour.  A rub is a mixture of herbs and spices. Rubs are placed on the meat when it’s still raw, and can be either put on directly before cooking or, be left on for a period of time to intensify the flavour. Because rubs do not have an acid in them, they don’t break down the meat like a marinade.

Can I reuse my marinade?  

The simple answer is no, once you have used your marinade with your meat, you should discard it to avoid bacterial contamination. If you want to use some of your marinade to baste or to use as a finishing or dipping sauce, reserve some of the marinade before you add you meat.


How do I avoid marinade sticking to my grill?

When using marinades, always remove excess marinade prior to cooking as the marinade will have already done its job and won’t add further flavour by adding more. When using marinades, especially those with sugar or honey that burn easily, we recommend using a re-usable silicon hot plate liner which is placed under the food and then cleaned afterwards in hot soapy water.


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