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Ben uses his 29 years of commercial experience to drive and impassion cooks and chefs around the country. During his career as a chef, Ben has worked in high-profile restaurants in Sydney and Michelin Star establishments such as The Mirabelle in Mayfair, London where he worked under the tutelage of Chef Marco Pierre White. Ben uses his experience from restaurants around the world to teach culinary arts to students at Ryde TAFE and Le Cordon Bleu and has taken his passion to homes around Australia with BBQ School and its many offerings.


Nicholas Hall has been a part of the hospitality industry for 32 years. Trained as a chef for the
New Zealand army, Nicholas followed his passion throughout New Zealand, Australia, and
Asia. He uses his understanding of the culinary arts and skill to share his passion with the students of BBQ School.


With a background in French cuisine, Ross Eckersley has moved from his home in Manchester, United Kingdom to Sydney Australia, working in
fine-dining restaurants across the state including Level Forty One Restaurant and Quay Restaurant. Ross’ experience, passion and skill have flowed into the BBQ sphere, where he specialises in Americanstyle
barbequing and judges and mentors for the Australian Barbeque Alliance.


Howard is inspired by the Swedish Chef from the Muppets to become a chef. That was 25 years ago. Since then he has worked in just about every type of place; from 5-star fine dining to country pubs; from creative cafes to aged care & from family bistros to 1 hat Italian restaurant. Through BBQ School he teaches some of the skills and trickshe has learned; plus of course to tell some tall stories from the strange world of cooking. 


With a background in catering for some of Sydney's finest venues and events, Andre has a passion for fine food and finer beer. In his spare time, you will find him either cooking on a bbq or planning to build yet another one to add to the ever-growing collection, all while drinking his own homebrew beer. Andre has a passion for learning and passing on his knowledge when it comes to food and food preparation. Currently working at Australia's finest butcher shop ( Anthony Bourdain called it the best bitcher's in the world), Andre thrives on creating menus designed for the nose to tail eating. 


For the past twenty years, Chef Scott has been cooking up creative and delicious dishes in the Canberra region Born in Goulburn , the county next door, Scott constantly traveled the world to enjoy the diverse cuisines and restaurant options available there. This helped him develop an interest and passion for cooking, at this time the industry see that he had an excellent knack of knowing how to present and order dishes in a way that would enhance their flavour.

Scott is arguably one of Canberra’s most recognisable chefs. Who has not only lead but help sculpt the culinary scene in the the Nation’s Capital for over a decade 


Applying his many years of diverse cooking experience in different catering outlet, ranging from hotels, restaurants and cafes, he is now part of theBBQSchoolteam Brisbane. With the acquired knowledge and experience, Kenny is ready to share it with fellow students inBBQSchool.


Jayson finished his apprenticeship in 1988 and got into catering management not too long after in Sydney.In 1999 I moved to Queensland.

Jayson is a travelling photographer in Queensland while at the same time run his own spit roast business.