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Grilling Fruit

Grilling Fruit

Posted on April 19 2017, By: Ben Farley

Grilling Fruit


“Opposites attract,” When flame meets beautiful fresh fruit fruits, it creates something incredible that can be both sweet and savoury.

  1. Make sure your BBQ is clean before you start grilling, after all you don’t want your fruit skewer to taste like satay chicken!
  1. Lightly brush whatever fruits you’re grilling with a little bit of vegetable oil to keep the fruits from sticking to your grill bars.
  1. Grill your fruit over indirect or low heat, as you are not actually cooking the fruit; you are simply warming, and caramelising the fruit.
  1. Finally, don’t “set it and forget it.” Fruit doesn’t take long to grill, so stick close to your grill and keep a close eye on it.


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