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Entertaining with a Glazed Leg of Ham

Entertaining with a Glazed Leg of Ham

Posted on May 14 2017, By: Ben Farley

Entertaining with a Glazed Leg of Ham

Entertaining Family?

The most important and fundamental thing to do when cooking for a group is to have a larger item on your BBQ - "Hood Roasting". Let the BBQ to do the work whilst you enjoy the company of your family and guests.

The best Yueltide Fair needs to include a Glazed Leg of Ham as it is a simple and awesome addition to your dinner table.

Firstly, turn your BBQ on high with the hood down. We glaze our ham with a Golden Syrup and English Mustard. This is created by combining:

100g mustard with 200ml golden syrup, a cup of water, 6 cloves,2 thyme sprigs, a clove of garlic and 1 chopped onion. Let this reduce in a pot on your side wok burner of your BBQ, on low heat, until it is reduced and sticky (About 25 minutes).


Prepare your leg of Ham

  1. Remove the outer fat layer and score the fatty flesh to create diamonds. 
  2. Stud each diamond with a clove and wrap the ham in foil. 
  3. Add your Ham to the middle of the BBQ and turn your middle burners off completely; leaving only the left and right burners on. 
  4. Cook your ham for roughly 1 hour (dependant on the size - may be slightly longer). 
  5. At this point your Ham will have rendered most of its fat and started to colour. 
  6. Next step is to remove the foil and apply the glaze generously to all parts of the ham flesh. Once this step is completed close your hood again with the ham ready to start the glazing process. 
  7. Don't re-apply the foil as we want the Ham to colour up and caramelise. 
  8. The glazing process will take roughly 25 to 30 minutes or until golden. 
  9. A key to success is not to check your Ham or at least too often. You want to allow the BBQ heat and environment to do its thing.
  10. At the glazing process however do check towards the end of the cooking to ensure you are not over caramelising the ham.
  11. You are ready to go! Carve and serve with your favourite pickle, mustard or crusty bread.

Enjoy the ham!  


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