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    The new Gasmate Wireless BBQ Gauge is a replacement gauge for your gas BBQ, pizza oven or smoker and features a digital display and the ability to fit 2 stainless steel wireless thermometer probes. Simply download the HyperBBQ app to your phone to operate remotely.






    Supports up to 2 probes (2 Piece metal probes included) and also includes ambient probe

    Preset temperature programmed

    Programmed with USDA approved preset temperature of 11 types of food
    Approved doneness levels

    Programmed with USDA approved doneness levels (rare, medium-rare, medium and well done

    Manual setting

    Program your own temperature settings manually


    Programmed with timer

    With temperature history graph

    Notification on device

    Ringtone or vibration alarm on connected device

    LCD display

    Large LCD screen display


    BBQ, oven, smoker, grill, wherever you have a gauge to replace






    Wireless BBQ Gauge

    Model Number



    Indoor up to 30m
    Outdoor up to 100m

    Temperature range

    0°C to 300°C

    App control

    Via wireless

    Temperature Accuracy

    ± 3°C

    Powered by

    2 x AAA batteries (not included)

    Temp display

    LCD screen & app synchronous


  • Weight:

    0.5 kg