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Burgers & Beers

Our seasonal Burgers & Beers cooking class showcases how to cook and serve a gourmet burger party with some tasty Australian Pork. Discover the secrets to cooking melt-in-your-mouth meat and uncover mind-blowing flavour combinations.

Under the guidance of a professional chef, you will get hands-on as you learn to prepare 3 delicious creations matched with Australian craft beers.

At $99 per person, only 3 dates will be open during Summer so don't miss out!


January 18th - February 22nd - March 21st


Classic Pork / Beef and Australian Bacon Burger, Smoked Cheddar & Beetroot cress 

BBQ Charsu Chilli Pork Burger Crisp Noodle and Choi Sum Slaw

Southern Smoked Pork Rub Burger, Pickles & Onions

(might be subject to slight changes)