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Calling All Beer Connoisseurs!

For an exclusive class, only at our Willoughby HQ!

Are you a Beer Fan and want to learn the art of creating and crafting your very own perfectly brewed beer, matched to a gourmet Beer inspired BBQ feast?

Then this is the class for you!!

We are offering 4 self contained Seasonal Beer Brewing & Gourmet BBQ Cooking Courses that will be sure to inspire the Brew Master in you!


This course is designed to teach you the art of how to create beer flavours that work with a Gourmet BBQ menu, in line with the season.

What is involved?

We will brew beer, taste beer, cook with beer, align the flavours of the beer to create a menu that highlights the flavour profile of the food to compliment the beer as created, through informative and hands on cooking classes to make you a beer brewing master and ultimate beer and food matching expert.

How it Works?

In each class; we will focus on the process of “Brewing and Making” where we will commence the brewing process and go through the art and steps to achieving that perfectly brewed beer. We will have a batch of the brew already completed so that attendee’s can sample the created beer whilst enjoying the session.

We will then commence the cooking component for which we offer a different seasonal menu per season. In all dishes we are inspired by the beer and how we can harness all of its flavours across our created dishes so that we can brew beer, taste beer, cook with beer, align the flavours of the beer to our 3 course gourmet BBQ feast. We might even have a few master brews to share with you during the course of the class!

This class is designed to be a component of both demonstration and more importantly hands on! Once we go through the brewing process, each attendee will be provided with a detailed and informative demonstration for the series of dishes with all the tips required to reproduce their 3 course masterpiece.

This class is specifically focused on how to brew some of the best beer you will ever taste, plus align and create a memorable beer flavour driven gourmet BBQ menu to accompany it!



SPRING – September to November
  • Entrée – Sticky Beer & Miso Pork Tortillas with Fennel Slaw
  • Main – Peri Peri Spatchcock with BBQ Corn and Avocado Salad, Beer Vinaigrette
  • Dessert – Lemon Beer Cake with Blueberry and Pale Ale Ice Cream
SUMMER – December to February
  • Entrée – BBQ King Prawn Pizza, Beer and Kale Pesto
  • Main – BBQ Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Thai Style Paw Paw and Lime Sald
  • Dessert – Strawberry & Summer Ale Sorbet with Grilled Summer Fruit
AUTUMN – March to May
  • Entrée – House made Venison Sausages with Wheat Beer & Bacon Jam
  • Main – BBQ Pork Belly, Pumpkin, Quinoa & Orange Salad, Wheat Beer Vinaigrette
  • Dessert – White Chocolate Brioche Pudding, Raspberry Wheat Beer Ice Cream
WINTER – June to August
  • Entrée – BBQ Beef Sliders with Rocket
  • Main – BBQ Cape Grim Tomahawk Steak, Beer Bearnaise and Garlic Potatoes
  • Dessert – Caramel Chocolate Pudding with Stout Ice Cream and Candied Bacon