Tramontina low and slow 5 piece carving set

5 Piece Low & Slow Knife Kit 


  • Low & Slow knives can slice through various cuts of meat with ease with a combination of high carbon German stainless steel and a sharper angle edge 
  • Low and & Slow knives feature Microban protected handles which prevent bacteria from growing 
  • The handles are moulded around the blade creating a gap-free zone
  • Low & Slow knives are crafted to have ergonomically designed handles that sit comfortably in the hand which prevent fatigue and improve the cooking experience


  • Tramontana 12' Brisket Slicer- For slicing brisket, ham and roast meat. The blade has scalloped sides to aid in the release of meat slices from the blade. 
  • Tramonita 10' Carving Knife - For slicing raw and cooked meats, slicing steaks from whole portions
  • Tramonita 6' Boning Knife- A narrow blade and sharpened point for removing meat from bones and separating joints 
  • Tramonita 10' Sharper- For honing and sharpening to keep your edges longer 
  • Washable heavy-duty roll will hold up to 7 knives. Nylong construction will velcro retaining straps. Includes shoulder strap


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