Redheads BBQ Charcoal 3kg

Taste the all natural Redheads difference.

Cooking the perfect steak is simple if you start with the right ingredients – a succulent cut of meat, a delicious marinade, a sizzling grill, and Redheads Natural Wood Charcoal.

Unlike many other wood charcoals, Redheads BBQ Charcoal is a smokeless, chemical-free charcoal, made from 100% natural wood. It imparts no taste or flavour of its own, so the only taste you get is the one you choose to add. Could there be anything more important when serving up food to the people you love the most?

The BBQ School - American Smoking BBQ class will expose all the tricks and secrets to producing mouth-watering, juicy, tender, fall apart delicious meats every time you use your BBQ.

  • Long burning time >3 hours/kg
  • High burning temperature >180-200°C
  • Minimal smoke
  • No toxic chemicals

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