Beer Can Chicken, Jerk Sauce & Paste Combo

Beer Can Chicken Holder and Jerk Paste Combo - Save $5

Infuse a BBQ chicken with the flavour and moisture from a beer can. It might look hilarious but when your guests taste the results there'll be no more laugher, only admiration at your superior BBQ Skills.  There's no going back!

Jammin Jerk Hot Sauce

Traditional 'hot' Jamaican smoky aromatic flavours with extra lashings of scotch bonnets.

Rub into chicken, meat, fish, seafood, tofu or vegetables and let rest for 20 minutes.

Grill, roast or BBQ until cooked to desired result.

Australian Food Awards - 2016 Gold Winner

Jerk is a spicy, smoky marinade that packs a punch!

Native to Jamaica,  authentic Jerk marinades are made with a base of allspice (called "pimento" in Jamaica) and scotch bonnet peppers, which are then mixed with onions, thyme, garlic, ginger plus other herbs and spices.

Traditionally applied to chicken, pork or prawn, modern recipes also apply Jerk to beef, lamb, fish, seafood, tofu, vegetables, kangaroo and more!

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