Beer & BBQ Seafood Class 21st October WILLOUGHBY

If you think you’re a master BBQ Chef and you want to take the next step in your BBQ Cooking journey, why not try your hand at our Beer & BBQ Seafood cooking class? As a mix of two of our most popular classes, you’ll learn to cook some delectable seafood dishes which will be matched to four premium Australian craft beers. 



On Arrival

Turkish Bread with Pukara Balsamic and Oils


BBQ Spiced Kingfish with Roasted Capsicum and Herb Salsa


BBQ Spiced Crusted Swordfish with Rocket, Grain Salad and Honey Dijon Dressing


BBQ Steamed Mussels with Jamaican Curry, Fennel and Beer

BBQ Crispy-Skinned Barramundi with Sweet & Sour Papaya Salad

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