BBQ school Hamper

The BBQ School Hamper contains:

- 1 Audrey Wilkinson or Cockfighter's Ghost bottle of wine (75cl)

- 2 Pukara Estate Oils & Vinegars bottles 250ml (ex: garlic olive oil or pomegranate vinegar)

- 1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce (Gluten Free)

- 1 Maille Dijon mustard jar (Originale, Wholegrain or Honey) 

- 1 Murray River Salt jar 120g

- 1 Jammin Jerk Mild Marinade 250gr

- 1 BBQ School Digital Thermometer

-  BBQ school Apron

- 1 Redheads dual flame Gasmatch (refillable and windproof)


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