BBQ Classes

BBQ School offers a range of BBQ Courses nationally throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hunter Valley.

Open Class Voucher – enables you or your gift recipient to select any of our BBQ School classes on any date and at any of our locations.

You will be sent a voucher code within 24 hours of purchase.

We run the following classes:-

  • BBQ Beer & Meat (taste matching craft beers) 
  • American Smoking Class 
  • BBQ meats 
  • BBQ Seafood 
  • BBQ Beer & Seafood
  • BBQ Chicken, Pork & Cider
  • BBQ Tapas 
  • BBQ Mexican.

Classes are both demonstration and hands on and are all inclusive which means you don’t have to bring anything other than a big appetite!

We give you the class course notes with all recipes for you to take home!

Our relaxed, yet professional BBQ classes are most enjoyable and suitable for those who want to further expand their cooking skills.

Whether you attend the class on your own, with your partner, your team at work, or just with a bunch of friends – BBQ School can guarantee a day of great food, drinks and company!


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