Summer Burger Competition

Pulled pork, Bacon, Ribs or Fillet?

Show us how you can rock a pork burger!

How to participate?

> It's easy! Just comment our social media post with a picture of your beautiful homemade BBQ Pork Burger and send it with the name of your recipe to

> Wait until the end of March for the results!

Colours, presentation & originality will be judged by our professional chefs!

Experiencing a lack of inspiration? Check our Asian Style pork burger recipe by Kate:

What can you win?

> The winner will get an awesome BBQ pork pack worth $320 including:

- 1 BBQ School Voucher to learn all the tips & tricks!

- 1 x 3 pieces carving set, perfect to carve & cut your favourite pork cuts!

- 1 x BBQ school thermometer to cook your next pork fillet or ribs to perfection

- 2 x BBQ School Pulled Pork Spice Rubs

- 2 x BBQ School Pork Ribs Spice Rubs

- A pack of Goodies perfect to help you cooking your pork beautifully, seasoning it and cleaning your BBQ afterwards! (Salt, Firelighters, Gasmatch, BBQ cleaning wipes...)


The competition will close on the 29th of March and the Results will be announced on the 31st of March!

Good luck to you all!



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