Cooking and having fun doing it!

BBQ School offers a range of LIVE and INTERACTIVE BBQ Courses ONLINE

Enjoy the comfort of your own house to rock a fabulous BBQ!
Classes demonstrate the ease and versatility of what you can achieve when entertaining friends and cooking on the BBQ. 

How does it work?

Pick the class of your preference➯ select the number of people who will be using the same device together ➯ select the date suits you better ➯ you are ready to go!

After your booking, you will receive an email confirmation with your login details, ingredient list and everything you need for your class.

On the day of the class, you will be cooking a range of dishes simultaneously in a practical, simple and fun way.


  • Group chat LIVE session with a reputed, fun and engaging Chef
  • Both demonstration and hands-on with everything
  • E-Cookbook with all the recipes to go over anytime you want
  • An invitation to join our private group where you can ask questions, share achievements and have fun!


Who is the presenter?

Ben Farley is a BBQ Master who founded BBQ School in 2004. Ben is also a highly regarded and enthusiastic chef with over 20 year’s experience who loves sharing his knowledge and passion for food and entertainment. He makes any class especially fun and ensure all participants get the most valuable tips and tricks about Barbequing.

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