Father's Day 2017

What do you get for the dad that seems to have it all?

BBQ School has you covered this Father's Day! Sign up you and your dad for any BBQ Cooking Class and take advantage of some quality time together.

Fathers Day Gifts

Visit our Class Schedules and book for two people.  
The discount will be automatically applied to your ticket price as long as you book for two or more people before September 3rd.


Want to be the favourite child? Why not add a gift pack to your present?

Gift Packs are available for purchase in our online store or in class 


Ultimate Father's Day Gift Pack - $50

- BBQ School Apron

- RedHeads Lighter

- Silicone Hotplate Liner

- Beer Can Chicken

- Selley's BBQ Tough Wipes





Ultimate Roasting Pack - $50

- BBQ Roasting Prong 

- Beer Can Chicken

- Thermometer 








Ultimate Smoking Pack - $50

- 1kg Smoking Wood

- Charcoal Chimney Lighter

- RedHeads Matches

- RedHeads Firelighter Cubes








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