Times are unprecedented and BBQ School wishes of health and safety to you all

Monday 25th May 2020

Hi All,
Please find an update for current restrictions and intended class scheduling times 
With the current COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease around the country we will look to start to review our class schedules with the view to make classes live as soon as safe and possible. Bare in mind also that we are determined to put the public's safety as a priority, combined with the best version of our experience so we intend to operate from that point.
The next significant change that will will occur for many parts of the country are from early to mid June where groups of up to 50 can gather - with a strict 4m square rule in place. (QLD a short time after) Whilst our smaller indoor venues will not be viable yet, we will look to see if Centennial Park (NSW) can operate as a larger open space by late June / July, subject to park rules and regulations. We are current awaiting advice from the Centennial Park Trust and will advise shortly. Our Pub locations in NSW, QLD and VIC will need to be when distancing has eased further and probably when we are at 100+ patrons gathered as the hotel patrons will of course get some sort of commercial priority.
We hope to be able to offer our classes as soon as possible. As you can appreciate there are a few hurdles to jump but light is starting to appear and again your safety and comfort plus our best experience is the priority.
If you wanted to look at doing a group private session at one of our venues or at your home, please get in contact with us as this will be easier to be safe and within restriction / public distancing guidelines earlier and we would be delighted to accommodate you.  

How can I support BBQ School?

BUY A VOUCHER If you want to support us and assist our relaunch dates and scheduling we would greatly appreciate Voucher purchases made that will have validity commencing from 1st September 2020 and all with 3 years currency value. Even better - if you wanted to start a wait list for a class by requesting a preferred date and we will add you to this date in readiness for opening. You can by your vouchers here:

Scheduled will be live ASAP and we look forward to seeing you all soon!
ONLINE SHOP We still have plenty of retail products available in our online store including our spice rubs and knife sets. If you are interested in any of the products, you can still purchase them here through our online shop.


How are we operating?

We have embraced social distancing but we are still connected and available via Social Media, Emails and Phone. BBQ School will still operate administratively yet close / reschedule all public classes as of the weekend 28th / 29th March until further notice. We are looking closely at JULY 2020 to commence operation for some venues.


I have a booking in Brisbane, Canberra, Hunter Valley, Melbourne, or Sydney, What should I do?

We will be moving all participants who had a booking into a "dummy booking" date for the purposes of moving those bookings forward then the relevant validity extension will be added to your voucher in readiness for you to then book in yourself when ready and of course once we have clearance to operate and deliver our fabulous classes to you. 

There is no immediate action required by you at this time. This notification is to simply update you on the status of your booking and that we are starting the administrative process to get your booking back on track for when ready. 


All bookings are transferable to another person or can be redeemed against retail stock and products as well. 


I have a Gift Voucher, what should I do now?

If you have paid for a voucher it will extend or pause until we reopen and commence operation. We will provide further notice as soon as possible for when classes and operations will commence again. 

All gift vouchers are transferable to another person or can be redeemed against retail stock and product. 


Are there any refunds for my existing booking?

Due to the dramatic and damaging circumstances on so many small businesses, we will be unable to provide any refunds however all vouchers are transferable to another person or can be redeemed against retail stock and product. Your custom, loyalty and support will be our relying factor in being able to re commence operations then. 



We have our BBQ Meat / BBQ Seafood AVAILABLE NOW and American BBQ available very soon. What you will be provided with our online experience is a detailed list of inclusions / options that will be sent to you plus a short video - then you shop and we cook! 

Click HERE to review and book:

 We value your support so much and we look forward to welcoming you to your class when able!

Stay safe and see you all soon!





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