Times are unprecedented and BBQ School wishes of health and safety to you all!

Hi Guys,

This is an announcement to our wonderful BBQ School customers in light of the current Covid-19 outbreaks and lockdowns in Sydney and across parts of NSW, restrictions in Brisbane, existing restrictions in Melbourne and of course restrictions and advice that we are receiving daily, based on the latest COVID-19 Outbreak.
We send our best wishes of safety and to make sure to keep isolated and follow each government order from your local area. We are again completely on pause in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Melbourne and Brisbane until further notice. 
Update on classes in your area:
At this stage, all classes that were scheduled in NSW are cancelled for dates up to the end of September 2021 and unfortunately, whilst we are advised daily of the circumstances, In Sydney we expect this to continue into October. We hope the Hunter can commence in October however we will be advised daily. Fingers crossed!
In greater news, our Brisbane classes are back and going strong. You may book your classes from our public class page
At this stage, classes are on hold until further notice. We will of course advise updates as they rise. We have just added a whole heap of new dates right up until Christmas so there will be plenty of options to enjoy your class when we can. We will advise any updates as they arise. 
At this stage, classes are on hold in the ACT and we expect until some time September. Such a tragedy after Canberra was holding strong for us. We will of course advise updates as they rise. We have just added a whole heap of new dates right up until Christmas so there will be plenty of options to enjoy your class when we can. We will advise any updates as they arise. 
For those who have been affected with a booking cancelation, don't fret! You will then be issued with a new OPEN CLASS VOUCHER from either BBQ School directly or the third party supplier your booking was made through, so that you can both support us during this time plus have the opportunity to enjoy your class, uncompromised and when we are all able and safe to do so.
If you have received a reminder email for a class that is during a lockdown period, please disregard as your class will NOT be going ahead. These are sent out automatically from our booking system so apologies for any confusion.
As advised above we will organise a new OPEN CLASS VOUCHER with extended validity for you to enjoy on the other side.  

Your safety and that of our customers, staff, venues and partners is of the most importance and if we work  together, we will no doubt be back to normal in no time.

For your forward planning, we have scheduled as many fresh new classes at every venue, right up until the Christmas period so hang in there, and we will get your booking restored as soon as possible.
To keep up with communication and updates we have a page on our website where all updates can be viewed regarding classes, vouchers and scheduling.

Check out this link on our website for constant updates:

Also, We have a fully stocked online store where you can pick up all of your BBQ essentials including our FUEGO SPICE RUBS to support us and to keep you going through the winter and home time! Check out our store here:

As a small business, We greatly need your support, patience and good will to be able to survive and get through this crazy time again. Thank you in advance and we look forward to cooking up a storm with you all soon.  

Stay safe and thanks in advance - we will be in touch again soon.
Our COVID Safety Plans are working really well and our adjustments to classes are making it easy for everyone to be safe. We are running the class in 2 smaller groups, not sharing  implements - with each pair of tongs for instance use being sanitized after each use and of course practice safe distancing. We thank our valued customers for their great participation on a safe cooking environment! 
If you want to join a class please click the button below:  
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Any queries please shoot us a message to and we will get back to you.
If you wanted to look at doing a group private session at one of our venues or at your home, please get in contact with us as this will be easier to be safe and within restriction / public distancing guidelines earlier and we would be delighted to accommodate you.  
Stay safe and see you all soon!

How can I support BBQ School?

BUY A VOUCHER If you want to support us and assist our 2021 new year dates and scheduling we would greatly appreciate Voucher purchases made that will have validity commencing from January 2021 and all with 3 years currency value. You can by your vouchers here:

ONLINE SHOP We still have plenty of retail products available in our online store including our spice rubs and knife sets. If you are interested in any of the products, you can still purchase them here through our online shop.


How are we operating?

We have embraced social distancing but we are still connected and available via Social Media, Emails and Phone. BBQ School will continue to operate and conduct our classes in a fun, engaging and safe manner. We look forward to you joining us soon.

I have or want to make a booking in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hunter Valley or Sydney, What should I do?

Click on the classes page here  and scroll on the carousel to find the city and class you are looking for and book in.

If you have a voucher please add your voucher code into the PROMO CODE area at checkout and your voucher will be redeemed.   


All bookings are transferable to another person or can be redeemed against retail stock and products as well. Get in contact with us for options. 

Are there any refunds for my existing booking?

Due to the dramatic and damaging circumstances on so many small businesses, we will be unable to provide any refunds however all vouchers are transferable to another person or can be redeemed against retail stock and product. Your custom, loyalty and support will be our relying factor in being able to re commence operations then.  


We have our BBQ Meat / BBQ Seafood AVAILABLE NOW and American BBQ available very soon. What you will be provided with our online experience is a detailed list of inclusions / options that will be sent to you plus a short video - then you shop and we cook! 

Click HERE to review and book:

 We value your support so much and we look forward to welcoming you to your class when able!

Stay safe and see you all soon!

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